Welcome Home

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It’s snowing outside, the house is still dark, the sun hasn’t risen yet, and there is a strong sense of hope as a new day here in Maine is dawning.

When you drive north and arrive at the border of the beautiful state of Maine there is a sign that says, “Open for Business”. I guess it replaced the sign that for years said, “Maine, the way life should be”.  A new sign, with the support of the new governor, will be “Welcome Home”. I cried. I cried when she said that in her inaugural address because for eight years our magnificent state has been subject to the cruel policies of a very cruel man. He is gone now. Sold his house that he bought via foreclosure and made a huge profit, and went down to Florida. Yea, right, he loves Maine and Mainers. He caused more pain in our state than any other person in the thirty odd years we’ve been here. To say, “Good riddance, don’t let the door slap you on your way out” doesn’t even begin to describe the feelings I and half of our state feels upon his departure.

Welcome home. So simple. Yet so much conveyed. I’ll be honest, I’ve had several encounters with our new governor and they weren’t that positive. I wasn’t a big fan. But… last night the presence of children and representatives from the native community left me feeling hopeful. Her opening comments addressing climate change left me feeling hopeful. “Finally,” I said to my husband. She then went on to talk about how a top priority needs to be our children and their education. I sobbed. This woman, who I’ve doubted, just addressed the two most important issues of our time and gave voice to the voiceless. I’m softening up. She has my attention.

Welcome home indeed. May Janet T. Mills, our new and first woman governor, lead us into the dawn with a fierce determination to work for the voiceless. And may she bring compassion and kindness back to our state.

Peace my friends,




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