Ghost by Jason Reynolds


We all have that child in class. The one who can’t find the “just right” book. This may be the book for that child I have in my class this year. After reading a little about this story on Twitter, I ordered the book. I read it in one sitting. I loved it.

Several reasons I can’t wait to get this into the hands of my kids. First of all, it’s real. Its characters are real and so is its plot. In a very engaging way it deals with many emotions that kids growing up experience. From insecurities, to fears, to pride, and to love. It’s also about a good kid who is rough around the edges because of the lousy cards life has handed him. But when a coach steps in we see the power a positive male mentor can have on a lost boy. And finally, it’s about running track, sprinters to be exact. As a high school sprinter this book brought back many fond memories for me. The camaraderie, the goals, the hard practices, and the freedom that running brings. It reminded me of the power that sports can have on a kid who feels lost. I loved this book and I hope my kids do too. I hope it might even turn a few kids onto the notion of running track next year.

However you decide to go through life may you at one time or another run like the wind and feel the wind in your hair and the bounce in your feet.



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