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It’s not often I email our literacy coach and only say a few simple words. But as I read this book I emailed her and said a simple, “Thank you.” This book of hope, friendship, and magic was exactly what I needed right now. And I believe it is what my kids need right about now as well. So I’ve decided to change what I had planed for a read aloud tomorrow and instead will begin to read this. You see, I love trees. But more importantly, I love magical trees who give us hope.

Last week each member of our Children’s Literature study group was given a copy of wishtree by Katherine Appplegate. I dug right in and immediately realized that I was happy. Her prose, her topic, her gentle way of interweaving accurate science.

Written through the eyes of a great oak tree named Red, we follow Red’s thoughts and plans as a new family moves into the neighborhood. We meet a young girl, Samar, who struggles to feel accepted in her new neighborhood and who’s gentle spirit allows her to befriend this old tree, its little critter inhabitants, and a neighbor boy. If this sounds too corny, I hear you. But please trust me when I say that this story is anything but. It is nothing short of melodious beauty on a very deep level.

I have a request for the few readers who may read this post and then hopefully read this book. If you feel like I do, grief as we watch our country’s soul being ripped open, then I’d love to read your thoughts on this fabulous story and hear any connections you may have made. Please share in the comments section so that it may, like the wishtree itself, share our combined wishes of love, tolerance, and peace.

May your week be filled with hope and love,



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