Home of the Brave

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A breath of beautiful, sunny, fresh air… Home of the Brave

When the world feels so overwhelming out of control a joy can often come in the form a a small book written in verse text. Home of the Brave by Katherine Applegate is just that. A breath of beautiful, hopeful, fresh air.

The post is short because I don’t want to give any of its magic away but trust me when I say that you MUST get this book and read it, all in one sitting. Within the first page you will fall in love. The book opens with the line, “When the flying boat returns to earth at last, I open my eyes and gaze out the round window. What is all the white? I whisper. Where is all the world?”

Kek is new to America and he misses the cows he herded in his homeland. This tale is of his journey “home”.

Get the book and read it. I promise it will take you away from the hate that dominates our news today and it will bring you to a place of love and beauty through the eyes of a lovely child.




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