Why I Marched

Marching with dear friends on Saturday was a soul refreshing experience. There were six teachers from my school who went to the March in our state capital. Not Washington, Boston, or NYC, but still a wonderful turnout and event. We were all so very glad we went.

screenshot-2017-01-24-08-35-54                                        Six Year Old Sophie Cruz, Young Speaker and Immigration Rights Activist at the Washington March

When I got back to school Monday the energy was still high. We felt a bond; we didn’t feel so alone. A few friends who weren’t able to go but were there with us in spirit asked me why we marched. They shared that they had family and friends say and post on FaceBook strong statements about the march being silly. Some comments they made were more hateful. We talked about why so many marched and then she said, “Could you type that up for me please?” Asking me to write about my thoughts and feelings is like asking a dog to chew on a peanut butter treat. Never a need to ask twice. We know that writing about our thoughts and feelings helps us understand them in a deeper way.

Here’s why I marched:

I am a protector of the children. That’s my job. That’s what my life’s work is. Now that role has become more critical than ever.

As a protector of children I know that ALL children need clean air and clean water to live. Our president’s choice for the EPA does not support the guiding goals of the EPA. He has stated clearly that he will undo fossil fuel regulations as well as clean water and clean air regulations. He will not be a protector of the children.

Children need a good education. All children, not just white or privileged or wealthy children, but all children, especially the most vulnerable. The president’s choice for the Department of Education supports school vouchers including religious schools. This does not support a quality and equal education for all. She also does not understand IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Act). She has contributed to conversion therapy causes for LGTBQ youth. That in and of itself makes it plain to see she will not be a protector of the children.

The choice for our Secretary of State has been the Exxon/Mobil CEO for the past ten years. The nomination for the Department of Energy once wanted to abolish it. He is on record saying he didn’t realize his role would include overseeing our nuclear arsenal. The newly appointed chief of the Federal Communications Commission has voted against Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality, especial in this age of “alternative facts” is critical for sharing of unfiltered information. Jeff Sessions, Stephen Bannon…must I go on? A president who is supported by the KKK and other white supremacists is incredibly disturbing and concerning as is his gloating over deporting a whole religious group of people as well as Mexican immigrants. History shows us that bridges work much better than walls.

As our new president was taking his oath of office, his White House staff were busy taking down the following pages on the Whitehouse.gov website: LGBTQ links, climate change links, ACA health links, civil rights links. This speaks volumes to our new president’s mindset. Clearly he does not have the best interests of our children in mind. He clearly will not be a protector of the children.

Under our new president it is clear that women are objects. Think pink pussy hats and why they became the symbol the marches. Think defunding women’s health care by defunding Planned Parenthood. One of the first things he signed was reinstating the global gag rule. This will deeply harm millions of women world wide. He and those he is surrounding himself with have vocally shared that they will undo important laws that protect the rights of our LGTBQ community. But what troubles me the most is his manipulation of the media and “alternate truths”. These are often the beginning  steps of fascist regimes.

I do not support our new president or the cabinet he is surrounding himself with. I do not support hate and greed. I do not support those who work to take away the health of our children’s planet. I do not support the continued build up of the military industry that protects the interests of oil. These are a few of the reasons I marched.

Now that the marches are over we must call our senators and representatives every day. May you find within yourself the reserves to summon up the courage and grit that will be needed to continue protecting our children. Because together we are, The Protectors of the Children.

Peace and Love,




2 thoughts on “Why I Marched

  1. Saying the march was silly shows a real deficit of knowledge about the rhetoric of protests and all that has happened in our history because people rose up and took to the streets.
    I, too, marched and did it w/ students and colleagues. It’s my slice today, too. I made a little video w/ Animoto.
    You articulate my reasons for marching. Keep going!

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