Are Kids Like Lettuce Seedlings?

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 11.20.02 AM

Shallots are a delicious allium to grow. But this year I learned they can be a little trickier to grow than I thought. I ordered the bulbs, planted them, and nurtured them like I’ve done in the past. But they didn’t grow. It makes me think of the book, The Carrot Seed, by Ruth Krauss. But with my shallots, they didn’t come up.

As I pulled up the sorry shallots I noticed something. They were in the shade of the raspberries. No wonder they didn’t grow.My lettuce didn’t do well this year either. They were in full sun. Then I had a thought. “Oh, this shade is the perfect spot for lettuce!” So I planted lettuce there. They grew, and grew, and are almost ready for harvest. They are happy, healthy, and look beautiful.

As I watered the lettuce this morning on this last day of summer vacation I realized these little lettuce seedlings are just like my students. Some prefer “shade”. In other words, they prefer “another way” to learn and grow.

As we organize our classrooms and we make spots for whole class work, partner work, individual work, spaces for sitting, spaces for standing, etc. I am reminded of these shade loving lettuce seedlings. Our kids, like lettuce, have unique needs to learn, and grow, and shine. May I, may we, all remember this throughout the year, to provide those alternate ways for our lettuce seedlings, aka kids, to learn and shine.

Have a great year and may we all provide the “shade” we need for our kids to have a fabulously successful year.



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