A Tribute to Mr. Williams

IMG_4062                                                                        My Kitchen Table a Few Days Before School Starts

“Good morning Blue Eyes!” Just thinking about the man who used this greeting to welcome me into his classroom every morning calms me. You see Mr. Williams was my fifth grade teacher. To me he was a giant in life. In actuality he was barely 5′ tall. I didn’t realize how short he was until I was in my last year of college. I was walking into a Friendly’s Restaurant and a man was holding the door. This kind man said those exact words to me. I recognized him immediately as he did me.


As I go into school each day this week getting my room ready I find myself thinking about him. We teachers of course find ourselves reflecting as we prepare for a new year. And every year he is who I think about. He is who I strive to be. Like the many kids who will enter my classroom with their own struggles, I too had mine as a child. Most do. It’s called life. Life brings us challenges and sometimes trauma even at a young age. But a teacher can counter that. A teacher can be a calm in a storm. A teacher can offer a kind heart and kind eyes when they are so desperately needed. Our words can sooth a damaged soul.


“Mr. Williams, may you continue to guide me in my work this year. May your calm and loving words continue to play in my head when I have a child in front of me who acts out and needs your calmness. May I find the good in every child who enters my room and may they see the love in my eyes the way I saw them in yours. Thank you Mr. Williams.”


Have a great year everyone and may we all be Mr. Williams.




2 thoughts on “A Tribute to Mr. Williams

  1. You are a treasure, Mary! Your kids are so lucky to have you as their fifth grade teacher. Have a wonderful year full of fun, learning, exploring, laughing, teaching, and may the tears and stresses be few and far between.

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