Testing Day – Again

Spring in Maine is a big deal. After a long, cold, and snowy winter the return of sunny warm days begs to be embraced and celebrated. I wrote this poem as I watched my kids during one of our strenuous testing days on a glorious spring day.

The Outdoors Calls; Testing Wins Out

My classmates

and I

Working hard,

Smarter Balance.

Give it our all.

Moon, comets, Mars.

So much to read,

So much to write.

Blue sky outside,

Calling us.

Begging  us,

to join it


Smarter Balance

is frying our brains.

But we don’t give up.

We give it our all.

Making our teacher

so proud.

Roller Girl, Maylala, Twisters,

El Defo, Whimpy Kid

half a chance, The Crossover, Heartbeat

we read.

We read,

and read,

and read

some more. Waiting,

counting down the



When I read this to my kids the next day many said, “Wait! How did you know what I was thinking?” Ha!


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