SOL 31/15 It’s Really a Process

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This is the last post from a month long Slice of Life writing challenge put together by Two Writing Teachers ( The previous 30 posts were also from this challenge. It’s been a great month, a strenuous month, a challenging month. Thank you Two Writing Teachers for organizing, structuring, and supporting this and all the folks who took you up on your challenge.

Here goes, my last post:

I had a whole post on the role of music in my life and then deleted it. Then I had a post on how amazing you all are and this opportunity has been. I deleted that too. So here I am with a dedication to my students. Like the transition and transformation of raw wool to knitted woolen socks, writing, learning, life…they are all a process.

                                 So, hat’s off to 18 amazing kids….

It was our first Smarter Balance test yesterday.

I wonder if  “they” are trolling my Twitter feed.

Looking for evidence that I’m spilling the beans.

But what they would find is a tribute,

No, not to them.

But to my kids.

Kids who struggle to learn,

Kids who never gave up.

Kids who stayed with it for…

1 hour,

2 hours,

3 hours or more.

Yes, that’s how long it took some of my kids.

But they stayed with it.

Yesterday we also began our Poetry unit.


Acrostics they pleaded for.

Acrostics they got.

They created alone.

They created together.

They added color,


In their words,

And in their paper and pens.

The process; magical.

The products, wonderful.

This one’s for them…my wonderful,






P is for the proud I feel for them.

R is for the rollicking fun I hope we have today.

O is for the outer limits that they can aim for.

U is for the underestimating I sometimes do.

D is for the determination they had.

PROUD….that’s how I feel for each

And every one



But it’s also how I feel for me.

I finished my first Slice of Life Challenge!

Easy? NO!

Fun: YES! (Well, sometimes).

Thank you wonderful writers out there.

You are an amazing, inspiring, fabulous community.

Now to get ready for the day;

To help 18 kids blow out some goose eggs,

To begin our Ukrainian Dying!

Shhhhh, don’t tell!

Because, I don’t think they test for that.


10 thoughts on “SOL 31/15 It’s Really a Process

  1. I can tell how much you love your kids. They will survive the testing and remember the egg dying. Which I have done and which they will love. Pics of their finished work please.

  2. Wonderful tribute! I am so glad that you are balancing the testing with other activities. AND a big congratulations for finishing your March writing challenge!!

    • Yea!!! We finished our March writing challenge! It’s a big deal, isn’t it? And thank you. Balance can be difficult at school. We have to chisel out opportunities for our kids to be kids. Thanks!

  3. I feel the same way when our kids are testing – that pride from seeing them try their best through difficult obstacles. Love the last line. Can I come dye eggs too?

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