SOL 26/15 The Arrival of Maine’s 5th Season

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 6.15.38 PMAhhhh….finally!!!  42° and short sleeve weather has arrived here in Maine. If you are not from Maine you may not understand such jubilation. But to us Mainers the arrival of our 5th season is always cause for celebration. Days above freezing ushers in early Spring and all that comes with it.

The Sun was out. The sky was blue. Maple sap was flowing. Car windows were open, music was blaring. People strolled by in sweat shirts and tee shirts. Hats and gloves were no where to be seen. Winter coats were replaced with hoodies. Snow boots were replaced with mud boots. And that brings us to the crux of what early spring ushers in here in Maine. Mud! Glorious, wonderful, fabulous mud! Mud season is Maine’s 5th season, and it arrived today with all it’s muddy glory.

Slippery, brown, sloshy mud. “Mud, mud, I love mud!” sang many a Maine child but rarely a Maine adult. Get out the boards for the walkways and driveways. Get out the mud boots for early Spring. Mud Season, has arrived to Maine!




4 thoughts on “SOL 26/15 The Arrival of Maine’s 5th Season

  1. Who knew of the Mud Season. Thanks for that. I will have to think if the Pacific Northwest has a secret season. I would love to see pictures.

    • So funny the interest Mud Season brings to nonMainers! Who would have thought that this is novel. I wonder what things are novel in each of our areas that others outside of our area know nothing about!

  2. Really??
    Where you love, you have a time of mud that you even name it and sing about it?! Another reason I love this writing challenge – I get to learn about new places and the things that happen there. I tell my students that they have stories that only they can write. Here’s an example of that
    . In Virginia we don’t have such a season so I can’t write about the mud. I’m glad you did!

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