SOL 23/15 Reflections on Writing

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 6.15.38 PM Day 23 of the month long writer’s challenge. Those who joined this writing challenge write everyday for one month. Thank you “Two Writing Teachers” for this challenge and ongoing encouragement and support. I’ve totally enjoyed this experience for several reasons. Let me share why.

I’ve enjoyed…

10) The routine of writing at day’s end and revising in early morning.

9) Pausing throughout my day to jot notes in my writer’s journal.

8) My cat curled up on the chair above my head as I write.

7) Thinking of things to write about.

6) Giving a scene a second take to decide if it’s something to share.

5) Trying to find just the right word to express my thought, feeling, scene.

4) Thinking of myself as a writer and a reader.

3) Reading comments left on my writing.

2) Reading and commenting on other slices.(Almost made this my #1)

1) Writing – Writing about things that matter to me. This is what I’ve enjoyed the most. At first I felt the need to write for others. But about 1/2 way through the challenge something changed. I no longer looked for, or hoped for, comments. I wrote for me. I wrote to reflect, to sort out, to understand things that happened to me in my day. It helped…a lot. It’s been a long time since I’ve done something just for me. This challenge has reminded me how important doing things we love just for ourselves is. It makes us better, not just at writing but at living.

I know we are not done yet. But thank you all you amazing readers and writers out there. I’ve enjoyed looking into your hearts and have enjoyed sharing mine.




10 thoughts on “SOL 23/15 Reflections on Writing

  1. I love your number one reason. Isn’t it fabulous to get to that point where writing for yourself is all that matters? Here’s to the last 8 days. Savor them.

    • It is wonderful. Here we’ve been communicating for more than 1/2 a month and I don’t know your first name. Would you share? And I hope you savor the last 8 days too. Thanks!

  2. You seem to have reached that “zen” place of writing, where it serves you more than you worry about serving your readers. I haven’t gotten there quite yet, though I can say my posts for this year’s SOLC have been more personal. You may have just inspired another writing piece for me!

    • Zen…I was going to write about Balance but got up too late! So much for balance. I love how we all inspire each other. It’s the best, isn’t it? Good luck! and I hope I find your write.

  3. I love your post! The comments have been so motivating for me and validating, personally and professionally. It is so great that you are at a place where the comments don’t matter as much- the writing matters more. While not writing specifically for comments, as it is hard to know what pieces resonate more than others, I still get such a happy jolt to know that others are enjoying something I wrote and that makes it more rewarding than simply leaving my thoughts, unpublished, in my notebook. It is interesting to note that writers revise when they care about their piece and its’ perception. I find my students never revise- they write something and barely read it over, never making changes on their own. I’ve been reading and rereading my own work, revising all the time before I decide to press the “publish” button on my blog. How do we get kids to care like that too? Is audience the important factor? Also, I’d been thinking a little bit about WHY it is important for students to write. After all, not everyone is going to be a published author so why do we emphasize the need to develop good writing skills? Beyond “college and career”, this Slice of Life challenge has taught me that we need to teach kids to write because writing makes you more thoughtful about yourself, the world, and your place in it. So many moments would have passed me by this month, so many thoughts that nagged at me would be lost now if I hadn’t sat down and explored them in writing. So many of the other slicers profound ideas that are influencing me and shaping my thinking would never have been put into the universe if those slicers hadn’t stopped and shared their thoughts too. Writing connects us and I want to share that with my students who sometimes seem to write the crummiest things just to BE. DONE.

    • Kathleen, you are reading my thoughts. I’ve been thinking of writing my slices in front of my kids. Doing the brainstorming, thinking as I type, putting it aside and revising at the end of the day. I will do this today for tomorrow’s slice. We’ll see how it goes. Revision is a very good thing. Reflecting on life even better.

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