SOL 22/15 Outside My Maine Window

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 6.15.38 PM Day 22 of the month long writer’s challenge. Those who join write everyday for one month. Thank you “Two Writing Teachers” for this challenge and ongoing encouragement and support. I’ve totally enjoyed this experience for several reasons and I hope to write about those reasons soon. But today the challenge is to describe what’s outside our window. Here goes…


I woke up late this morning to a newly fallen snow. Snow fall has become the expected this winter and that’s fine with me. I was thinking today would be a nice day to go snowshoeing but as I sit watching the wind assault the world outdoors I may choose to read and knit instead. So here’s a lame shot at a poem of my window viewing.

Watching snow fly by my window,

My heart does skip a beat.

I love the way snow makes me feel,

I wish it here for keeps.

It whips around through the air,

As if  to swirl and dance.

I’m happy as I watch this scene,

It steals my curious glance.

The trees do intensely sway,

Ridding themselves of snow.

I watch this shaking, quaking dance,

And wish it would never go.

Thank you dancing snowflakes,

For causing me to stop.

There is one thing that I am sure,

The days will soon get hot.

And on that hot summer day,

There is one thing that is sure.

I will think back on this blustery day,

And miss your snowy show.


12 thoughts on “SOL 22/15 Outside My Maine Window

  1. Love your attitude about the snow! You are living in the right state! I visited Saco in February and couldn’t see out my brother’s dining room window. But the snowshoeing was heavenly. My favorite line of yours – a rare thing overheard right now – “I wish it here for keeps.”

  2. I had a snowy show today too. And much as I am ready for winter to be finished, there is something so beautiful about falling snow. I couldn’t even be upset about it because I enjoyed watching those flakes fall. Thanks for sharing your snow joy. 🙂

    • Yea, a fellow snow lover. We are a minority 🙂 Glad you enjoy your dancing snow flakes today. There won’t be many more this year. This we can be sure. And you are welcome.

  3. I like the structure of your poem. Love the photo of the maples and their sugaring pails. I would like to try snowshoeing. Seize the day.

    • Thanks.Still too cold for sap to flow. This is the latest it’s ever been. We are usually more than 1/2 way through the season by now. Oh well, going to be an off year, I can tell.

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