SOL 18/15 The Transformative Power of Reading Slices

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Yesterday morning I didn’t wake up feeling green; I woke up feeling rather blue. Tired, worn, and just well, like I’d really rather crawl back into bed then shower and start the day’s demanding routine. It happens this time of year. Lack of Vitamin D, lack of good outdoor exercise, lack of hands in delicious garden soil.

But the day began despite my mood. Feet hit the floor, turned on the coffee, hopped in the shower, fed the cat, poured a cup of coffee, and opened the laptop to post my slice. Slice was posted and was still feeling blah. I decided to read through some of the postings that were already up.

                                                            And then magic happened.

I related with a piece of writing that made connections between knitting and kids learning to write. Another piece on the magic of laughter in the classroom and one where I enjoyed listening to Miss Janie Lou. There was one about boobs (no not that kind), and I was even treated with a revisit with Lurch! I was laughing and wanting more. More slices. After an hour went by and my husband woke to find me still with laptop open I was jolted back to reality and the fact that I was way off schedule. What a wonderful feeling compared to just an hour earlier. The power of slices. The power of reading what others wrote just minutes before me.

Thank you slicers. You put a hop and a skip into my step as I started my day.




10 thoughts on “SOL 18/15 The Transformative Power of Reading Slices

  1. I find myself being inspired, entertained and eager to read more when I read Slices. You put into words what many feel, I am guessing.

    • I so agree!! I’m Just really beginning to understand the power of the words that flow from this amazing, talented community. So glad to have found it. And proud to be a part.

  2. This is a wonderful community, isn’t it? I, too, am inspired by everyone’s daily slicing. They help me notice more of the world around me. Here’s hoping that your hopping and skipping continue!


  3. It is easy to get lost in reading the slices. I am glad that your day changed for better. I like your opening sentence with reference to St. Patrick’s day. And I like that you centered: And then magic happened. Happy reading and writing!

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