SOL 14/15 The Wild and Wacky World of Wally World

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 6.15.38 PM


Wally World, AKA WalMart.

It’s been years since I’ve been in this store and as soon as I enter, I remember why.

So much light, so much sound, so much movement, so much stuff.            Ugh.

Kids screaming in carts.

Eye glasses, medical check ups, batteries, Oreos, bath wash, rifles, Dunkin Donuts.

Blinds for Kyle, $54 a piece in every other store.         Ugh.

Here….$3.97. How can that be? I don’t want to think of the reasons why.

First check out line – long.                                                          Ugh.

Second check out line – longer.                                                             Ugh.

Last check out line – even longer.                                                                         Ugh.

Carts and carts full of so much stuff stuffed into single use plastic bags.          And more Ugh.

These, I remember, are the reasons why it will be years before I visit again.                      Sigh.



15 thoughts on “SOL 14/15 The Wild and Wacky World of Wally World

  1. In my six years living in the States. I entered a Walmart just once. Once, that’s all it took. A retail obscenity. It’s good to know so many other people are on my team. Your piece is like a community service announcement.

  2. We have a Walmart just blocks from my house, and I must confess to visiting there nearly as often as I trek down to my basement! You captured well the aura of stepping inside. I walk in, find the requisite items, and get out, asap.

  3. I can certainly relate to your post. I love the ughs at the end of every line followed by the sigh. It pretty much sums up the experience. I would have to add the smell as another ugh.

  4. This is great! I Grew up in a rural area and Walmart is all there is–but now I live in a larger suburban area and I have sworn off Wally World for all the reasons you mentioned here. Cute post!

  5. You capture the frustration so well! Those trips can be so depressing when you look over the sea of humanity grasping for material things to fill their void. “So much light. So much sound. So much movement. So much stuff.” This line grabbed me.

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