SOL 12/15 Venus and Jupiter

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 6.15.38 PM


Coming out of Parent Teacher conferences I was feeling exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. Conferences went well. They usually do. I love meeting with parents who care about their kids. I especially like when the kids come along. It’s fun to meet siblings and watch the interactions they have with each other.

Coming out of Parent Teacher conferences, looking up to the sky I am greeted to the east by the massively bright Jupiter. I imagine it’s gaseous orangey colors and wish I could see them up close. Then I hop in the truck and head home. I glance out my windows and happily see Venus greeting me to the west and notice Jupiter still there in the east. How perfect is this I think, driving home under their guiding light. Bright planetary balls lighting up the dark sky that just yesterday I was cursing under my breath.

Unexpected pleasures.



12 thoughts on “SOL 12/15 Venus and Jupiter

  1. Of course I now have Train’s “Drops of Jupiter” in my head as an earworm and may not think so nicely of you in a couple of hours. PT conferences are so stress filled for everyone involved. It was great that you were able to find a moment of starry pleasures to put things back in balance.

  2. Your second paragraph is especially beautiful. It made me slow down, take a breath, and realize the goodness in the things around me. Thanks for a nice start to my day.

    • It’s a busy time of year. Lack of sleep and stress make noticing the beauty around us even more important even though it’s more difficult to notice. Seeing them reminded me of the same thing. Stop, breath, notice, enjoy.

  3. Such a lovely post about noticing the wonder of the sky. Sometimes, you are right, those parent-teacher conferences can fill you with happiness – even if you are exhausted!

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