SOL 11 – Bloody Daylight Savings

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Back to driving to school in the dark. Why is it that just when you are able to enjoy a fleeting glimpse of the sun rising over the horizon during your morning ride they go and take it away? I have never felt that this taking of an hour to be a good idea. Not only is it annoying but it makes everyone tired and grumpy. The kids and teachers at school are tired and grumpy. It can’t just be us. Can it? As you can probably tell, I am not a fan of Daylight Savings.

If you’re wondering about Daylight Savings Time you can learn more here –



10 thoughts on “SOL 11 – Bloody Daylight Savings

  1. It’s so dark out that I feel that I should still be sleeping . . . I appreciate not coming home in the dark on my deer-filled roadways but I am also not a fan of this early morning darkness! Thanks for the link!

  2. I’m not a fan either. I can’t seem to make up that hour of lost sleep. What makes it worse is that now that is dark in the morning I should be able to sleep, but, no the clock says it is time to get up regardless of whether it is dark or not.

  3. I whole=heartedly agree. I’m finding this week extremely challenging for sleep cycles and eating. I hate my rhythms being affected by the time change.

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