SOL 9/15 Can a Writer’s Notebook be in the Form of a Photo Journal?

Can a Writer’s Notebook be in the form of a photo journal?

It makes sense to me. Let’s give it a try and see.

IMG_1063A creative 5th grade thinker obviously struggling to  practice for state testing.Ugh.

* Note: This is one of the released items that schools and families in many states are using for practice.

IMG_1064 Sharing cabbage research.

IMG_1065A daughter sharing how she does not miss northern winters.

IMG_1066A lovely hallway greeting on a dreary day.

IMG_0046Ode to chickens.

IMG_1027First dog.

Just a few photos that may have the power to guide a slice. Now which one shall I choose?

How can I not share, First dog?

“Meet Dakota.” That was the note I wrote on the bottom of this photo that I sent in the mail to  my parents shortly before summer break in 1977. A week later the phone rang. My dad. “Have you taken the time to look at the size of this puppy’s paws?!” “Yes dad.” And from there the conversation revolved around the expense of caring for big dogs but was broken up with a lot of laughter. He tried to sound firm but I knew he couldn’t wait to meet her.

I clearly remember the 4 hour drive home; it was challenging in several ways. It was hot and we were in a  VW bug that barely ran. The windows were open and the music was blaring as we puttered down the highway with the wind in our ears. She was in heaven. I was nervous.

That summer back home began uneventful until, “Who ate the heal of my new shoe?”  Ugh, “Sorry mom.”  “Who chewed this hole in the middle of the carpet?” Ugh, “Sorry dad.” I silently pleaded with her to be good for just a few more weeks.

But then the big one happened. It was the first time everyone was going to be gone and she would be home alone. I tied her outside on the run my dad hooked up for her in the shade of a tree, near the screened in porch. She had plenty of water and chew toys. She looked happy. She looked content. My sister and I left.

An hour or so later we drove up our short driveway and were relieved to see Dakota sitting there still looking happy, still looking content. A big, enthusiastic, “Good Dog!” from me. She wagged her tail. She looked so proud. As I walked around the corner of the  house I stopped short and gasped at the sight in front of me. Almost every single panel of screening was flapping in the wind like the curtains of that Wyeth painting. “OH MY GOD!” my sister screamed. Dakota wagged her tail some more and licked my face. We were screwed.



7 thoughts on “SOL 9/15 Can a Writer’s Notebook be in the Form of a Photo Journal?

  1. Photos are often the way I preserve a thought to prompt a slice. I think a photo journal is just what is needed. Your Dakota story was pretty funny now, not so much then.

  2. The first dog was the obvious choice. So glad you wrote about Dakota. How long did she live? Our first pets are the best. Love the idea that photos give us something to writs about.

    • Dakota was 1/2 Great Dane and 1/2 St. Bernard. She was an amazing dog!! She drove cross country with me when I graduated college and she was still with us when my kids were little. She lived to be 8. Not that old. Her stomach flipped from drinking too much water on a very hot July day. I still miss her!

  3. I agree with Lee. Who doesn’t like a dog story? Such a sweet puppy, but I could see those screens flapping as soon as you mentioned them! I think a photo journal is a terrific way to gather ideas for slices. I’m curious to know more about that cabbage research!

  4. Hilarious! (Well, 40 years later it is.) The dog story was a great place to start. Who doesn’t like to read about dogs? I’m smiling at your cute story and thinking about my own dogs and their mischief which makes me smile even more.

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