SOL 7/15 Breakfast at…not Tiffany’s

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Our town. Looking outside the breakfast window.

It’s funny, I had planned on writing about my Friday breakfast with a friend, Liz. I even pulled out my writer’s notebook and jotted down my people watching observations as I sat waiting for her to arrive. In between the stitches of my sock knitting I watched as common folks came off the evening shift at a local nursing home. A doctor and his wife. Teachers, like myself, celebrating the end of the week. Retirees who have a relaxed look that I only recognize in myself well into summer. And of course waitresses who deserve the biggest of tips because they work the worst of the shifts. I remember those days; I always leave extra in my tip.

It was early. Before my husband was up. Liz and I meet early so we have time to talk and share our week and drink coffee. As I sat waiting I found myself watching a table of older Maine men who use their hands for work. They all had grubby baseball caps on, showing the signs of daily use and love. All with the prominent “B” proudly displayed. Red Sox. But the table was enticing because it also held one young man who was one of them, but not. I watched him, wondering what it was like for him sitting and working amongst such elders. “He probable gets ragged on a lot,” I found myself thinking. He had a huge appetite and drank a lot of coffee. He never stopped listening to the conversations of the table. Finally Liz enters, rushed, out of breath. We drink our coffee, share our thinkings about her upcoming retirement, making insulated curtains, and our kids. We remark on how we order the same thing every week. We look at the clock. Where did the time go? We hastily depart and that slice seems to fade away as quickly as it was experienced.

Now, at days end, I sit in front of the wood stove, cat curled up at my head, Neil Young on the radio, glass of red wine calling my name. Time to turn the day over, the week over, and sit, relaxed, with my best friend. I guess I did write about breakfast after all.

Enjoy your weekend.



19 thoughts on “SOL 7/15 Breakfast at…not Tiffany’s

  1. I felt like I was sitting right there with you. You captured the morning with all the sights and sounds. And I loved how you ended, sitting with a glass of red wine. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Isn’t it funny how we get slices from the everyday things…like breakfast. And when we think we are writing about nothing, we end up with a slice?

  3. This shows how interesting our ordinary lives are when we stop and notice what is around us. It is great when stories get voiced! This is my favorite line because it is so familiar to me…” Retirees who have a relaxed look that I only recognize in myself well into summer. “

    • I guess so. When I started writing I thought I was just blabbing about nothing. I guess nothing doesn’t necessarily mean boring 🙂 And yes, we love summer!

  4. Looking at the world through your eyes us a joy! You make the ordinary, daily routines appear extraordinary and full of promise. You inspire me to write as well. Will I? Who knows? But the coals are giving off a faint glow. Maybe all they need is a bit if breath to fan them into a blaze…….we’ll maybe blaze is a bit of a reach. Maybe a slow, steady, warm fire….like the one I’m sitting by, tossing words and sentences in my mind. A bit of a tossed salad of words and feelings, not yet a full meal, only snacks. Looking forward to our next breakfast dear friend!

    • Coals, faint glow, fan them into a blaze, tossed salad of words and feelings…oh Liz you are already playing!!! Love you word choice. Dear friend is right. Until we breakfast again…. Enjoy this early spring. It’s beautiful outside today.

  5. people are so interesting to watch. I was hoping you’d figure him out, but, real life is that sometimes we don’t get to find out how he fits into the group.

    • Adrienne, a bit later an older woman came in and gave him something. He hesitated as he put it in his pocket. His mom I’m guessing? I’m thinking this is a tight knit group and they took him under their wing. He sat slumped the entire time with cap pulled low over his face.

  6. Loved the observations at breakfast! I am thinking that next Saturday when meeting my friend Faith for coffee, I need to bring along my journal and record my observations. We always talk about the people, but writing about them? Hmmm, you have given me an idea! Thank you!

    • Isn’t this just great Jaana! I have also gotten some great ideas from reading others’ slices. And we are only through week 1! We have 3 more to go 🙂 Enjoy your breakfast and people watching.

  7. Just love your post and vivid details like … the cat curled up by your head … the insulated curtains (we could use some!) and that relaxed summer look. Would love to read your book — seems like you could have one if you don’t already. Lovely voice. Thanks for inspiring morning talks with friends.
    Darla & Jen.

    • Thanks Darla and Jen. And it’s funny you say that about “my book”. My friend Liz has been at me forever to write one. She wants me to write one about our “onion” experience. I’m thinking about it. I will keep you posted via this blog. So I guess, stay tuned. 🙂

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