SOL 6/15 Texting With Grown Children

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I’m texting with my son. He just came back from exploring some antique shops in his new hometown. He bought a few pictures for his apartment. This makes me feel incredibly content.

Texting and supporting connections.

My phone has turned into a long lost umbilical chord of connection with my grown children. The goal has always been to raise them so they can become successful at independence. I guess I did good because they are doing well. They are on their own, living their lives, and I’m happy for them. But I miss them. A lot.

Thank goodness for the connections that texting allows; updates, photos, sharing.


I love this photo of his new Yellow Flowers With Red Cardinal painting. I’m glad that he knows there is a happiness that comes from surrounding yourself with plants and birds. But I’m also happy that he found and held onto a small representation of something he has always enjoyed as a child. We both enjoyed. Watching the cardinals at our bird feeder. So while he has moved onto adulthood, he held onto a thread of childhood, home.

At times I find it hard to understand people when they demonize technology. I realize I’m not struggling through adolescent overuse or cyber bullying. But this tiny piece of technology has allowed me to stay connected with my family in meaningful ways. It’s the thread I hold onto. And for that I am grateful.



20 thoughts on “SOL 6/15 Texting With Grown Children

  1. I know what you mean. My sons and I text and message all the time. Sometimes silly jokes., other times it might be a link to an article we think others should read. Its so nice to hear from them almost daily, even for just a little thing

  2. Like an umbilical cord…. Such a vivid picture of what staying together through time reminds us of: the very beginning. I loved the connection between childhood and the cardinal painting too. We all have things we hold onto because they were once holding onto us. I’m glad I stopped by tonight. Love your voice in this piece.

    • When my daughter lived 3 hours south of us it may as well have been 1,000 miles away. Her job has her so busy and on the opposite schedule of ours that we never saw her. So glad this little device allows us to stay connected. I love the silly picture/memes she sends me. 🙂

    • PS – I love your garden journal! We have a new garden being built at school this year. We are so excited. And I love to garden at home too. Planting onions this weekend!

  3. “My phone has turned into a long lost umbilical chord of connection with my grown children” I love this line and can so relate to it. I love those daily texts from my grown kids, too.

  4. I enjoyed reading this post, especially because I am a huge fan of technology. I’m so glad that you are making these wonderful connections with your children! I loved how you characterized your phone as a long-lost umbilical cord!

  5. I wish my parents texted! There are many times during the day I want to tell them something but I don’t have time to call them so I miss my chance. I usually forget by the time I do have time to call them. My mother-in-law texts and it’s been nice me but even better that my daughter can keep in touch with easier.

    • I know exactly what you mean about missing the chance. That’s was always the problem with “old fashioned” telephoning! I’m glad your daughter can text.

  6. Texting and supporting connections indeed:) I wholeheartedly agree with your stance on the connectedness technology allows. I have a daughter that lives a half a world away from us and a son who will soon be moving away to college. These connections are not only appreciated but crucial. It settles my nerves to know I am a text/Skype away. All hail technology. Your line, “My phone has turned into a long lost umbilical chord of connection with my grown children,” captures it all. Thanks for sharing your post.

    • Enjoy your summer with your son. Thank goodness for Skype when a child lived 1/2 way around the world! I sit here and think that I can’t imagine that. But I guess I can as my daughter is 1,000 miles away. I think once they are further than a day’s drive it doesn’t really matter. They are just to far away! Thanks and I’m glad it resonated with you.

  7. That was lovely. My daughters are both overseas and we instant message daily and have a conversation on Skype every Sunday. Thank heavens for technology!

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