SOL 5/15 The Dreaded….

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“I have nothing to write about,” one kid yelled out in class when all others were diligently writing.

“Seriously?” I asked, thinking, how could that be?  “Everyone has something to write,” I said. Well, you know what? Here I am on day 5 of the challenge and I feel like have nothing to write about! How can that be?

Sure, lots happened today, but none of it is anything I want to revisit.

The End



11 thoughts on “SOL 5/15 The Dreaded….

  1. This cracked me up!! I think your students would appreciate it! It is always funny how when we put ourselves in their shoes, we learn what it is like!! Good for you to be brave and admit you have nothing to write about! There’s always tomorrow! Write on!!

    • LOL! I shared it this morning and they all broke up laughing! Humor is good. And during this incredibly stressful time of year; we like to laugh. I promise, I will write on. 🙂

  2. None of this is what I want to revisit,
    not today, but maybe tomorrow,
    or perhaps more likely, a year from now
    when I can better reflect, and put the moment
    into the mirror, twisting the perspective
    every which way but up, and already,
    I am writing the story I will tell to myself
    when that time comes.

    Sometimes, for Slice of Life, I like to lift lines from blog posts and craft short poems as comments. Thanks for sharing your words with me. I hope the poem honors your words.

  3. I have been there, too. One way I am getting ideas is at the end of the day I list all things I am grateful for. If I don’t have a strong idea, I look at that list and pick. That is how I ended up writing about my long car rides today. Thanks for naming a problem true for all writers.

    • I love that idea of a grateful list! Thank you. I will try that and include it in my writer’s notebook. And I will share this strategy with my kids! Brilliant!

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