SOL 4/15 The Power of College Aged Mentors and Poetry

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Poetry reading, college kids, and 5th graders = match made in heaven.

Today 3 wonderful Colby College kids came in to our classroom to begin poetry visits. The first thing they asked was, “Does anyone like poetry?” A few timid hands shyly kind-of went up, but not many. Then one of the college students read William Carlos William’s, The Red Wheelbarrow:

so much depends


a red wheel


glazed with rain


beside the white


Well if you  know the book, LOVE THAT DOG, by Sharon Creech, you may be aware of the role that poem plays in that book. We love that book! So the poem was recognized right away by the kids. The atmosphere in the room changed significantly. At the end of the hour long visit and after several poems were read aloud and a class poem written together, the question was asked again, “Does anyone like poetry?”  The room went wild; all hands went up as did bodies!

I can’t wait for next week’s visit.



4 thoughts on “SOL 4/15 The Power of College Aged Mentors and Poetry

  1. how fabulous to have college students coming to share their love of poetry Brava! And the perfect poem to share with a class. I hope we will hear more about this during March.

    • So glad you enjoyed the story, Tara. I hope the college kids were impressed. I know they liked when my kids wanted to share winter poems some of them wrote recently. And I could see the pride they felt when the kids were accepting and enthusiastic of their poems. It really was fun.

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