SOL 3/15 – Knitting in a Box


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 Knitting in a Box

I listed ideas in my writer’s notebook all day. But nothing spoke to me. It was one of those exhausting days and I worried I’d have nothing I’d want to write about. Then I drove home, tired. Got out of the truck, tired. Walked through the door and saw a good sized box sitting on my doorstep still with a dusting of snow covering it. I brushed aside the snow and read the label, Knit Picks! Ah! My spirit was lifted. In that box was everything I needed to put my day behind me and begin knitting a much anticipated Andean Hat!!

A– Another day like so many others.

N- Not really; I got a box!

D – Dramatic sunset matched the box of colorful yarn.

E – Eight different colors.

A – And knitting needles too.

N – Now I’m feeling happy again.

Time to knit!


PS – What do you do to leave a stressful day behind?






12 thoughts on “SOL 3/15 – Knitting in a Box

  1. I was drawn to your link because of your name. My grandmother’s maiden name was Mary Dunn! But then I saw your topic and was hooked. Books and yarn are what brighten my day. I just finished a soft, fluffy scarf for my daughter-in-law’s birthday, and hope to muster the energy later to find the yarn I have stashed somewhere for a hat for my new great-nephew. Love your poem and those gorgeous colors!

    • Well that is wild. When we moved to Maine I noticed a lot of Dunn’s from the area. There is even a Dunn Corner and a few Dunn Roads.
      Books and yarn; is there anything better than them. I’d love to see your scarf. I hope you find your yarn stash! Your great nephew needs a hat 🙂 Thank you for your kind words.

  2. I loved your post. I have reconnected to my childhood hobby of crocheting this year. I am loving my time at night relieving the day’s stress one stitch at a time! One box of yarn but so many stresses left behind!

    • Thanks Kris! I agree, hand work is such a wonderful way to leave stresses behind! And now that the days are lengthening, outdoor walking will be added to that how to “destress” list!

  3. I wish I knew how to knit. One day, when my daughter is in college, I hope to learn. It’s not something I have time for during this season of my life.

    I used to needlepoint a lot. But after I had my neck surgery in 2007, it’s been harder for me to do. In fact, I pretty much have given it up. Would love to try it again… maybe after this month is over.

    Welcome to our writing community, Mary. I’m looking forward to getting to know you this month.

    • I love knitting Stacey. But like anything else in life there are ebbs and flows. To be honest I’m in a bit of an ebb. Hence the box of yarns, needles, and pattern. Trying to get in the flow again. Thank you for your welcome. I also look forward to getting to know this community of writers.

  4. What a great box to arrive at your home. I would use the yarn to crochet. What do I do to relieve the stress? I love naps. I love coming home and taking one. Most days though, I get home closer to 6 so naps are out. My husband and I are trying to make the gym a practice when I get home. And with the longer days and our desire to downsize, I am certain that my stress relieving techniques will be in sorting and packing. Which I am excited to do.

    • It was! I’ve been dreaming of it all day. I love to look at crocheted items. I can’t maneuver that one needle though. I also love naps but never seem to get them. Well, in the summer I do. And downsizing, we are doing the same. But it sounds like you are doing it to a much larger scale than us. Good luck and enjoy your new found stress reduction 🙂

  5. Even my kids get excited about boxes on the porch after a long day. Our boxes are usually book deliveries. I love the way you describe how the box changed your day. I have knitted one hat. Well, mostly. I’ve been casting it off for 6 months. I took a little break from it, and now can’t remember how. I read to relax. I used to sew, but it’s hard to sew with two little helpers. Post a picture of your hat when you finish!

    • I had to laugh at your hat in progress for 6 months! I so know how that goes. I’ve got a sweater that I’ve been working on for ohhhhh maybe 6 years! If I finish the hat anytime this year I promise to post a picture. It usually takes me forever. Thanks for your reply. Made me laugh and laughing is good.

  6. I love your poem that so wonderfully tells of the potential joy in a box of yarn. I’ve never understood how yarn can bring such peace; yet, it does.

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