SOL 1/15 Blueberry Pie

Slice of Life


I love the color


Any shade of


But today I love

blue berries,


blue berries.

So high in


so high in

fiber, native to



for dinner I had

blueberry pie

and coffee.


14 thoughts on “SOL 1/15 Blueberry Pie

  1. Yum! Are wild blueberries smaller than farmed ones? Are they sweeter? Love blueberries. Love the essence of this poem. Welcome to the SOL15.

    • Wild blueberries are smaller but not sweeter. I don’t know if I’d use the word tart but maybe tartish. But like cherries, pie cherries are tarter than sweet cherries and make a better pie. Same is true of wild vs bush (farmed?) berries. Thank you for your compliment and welcome. I know from all the friendly comments that I’m going to love this month and all you folks.

  2. Hi Leigh Anne,
    I also wrote a post about blueberries this morning! My blueberries are from Michigan and they came from the freezer this morning and were baked into muffins.
    I feel your blue berriness! Love them! So funny to think about someone else in another part of the country having blueberry thoughts this morning!

    • My blueberries also came from the freezer! The only way to get blueberries in the winter in Maine. But they smelled and tasted almost as good as fresh summer wild blueberries. If you’ve never had Maine Wild Blueberries, you’ve got to try them. Nothing beats them in a pie. 🙂

  3. We have a blueberry field…is that what they are called…close by. I love picking them so much better than strawberries. Your poem is great. I hope to play around with poetry a little this month too. Good luck with the challenge.

    • Hi Leigh Anne, How lucky you are! A blueberry field! Are they high bush or low bush? I grow just a few blueberry bushes. High bush. But LOVE low bush blueberries. Especially for pie. And thanks, I do plan to play with poetry this month. It’s a weakness for me and can tell this is the place to play with it in the hopes of improvement. Thanks again and enjoy those blueberries this summer!

  4. What a fun, whimsical piece. Perfect for reading on a cold winter day. I love the way you repeat the word blue and also your choice to separate the word blue from berries at first.

    • Thanks Lisa. Glad you liked it. I played with that idea of separating blue from berries. Glad you noticed and enjoyed. I guess it was the right decision!

  5. I love BLUE! We have no “fresh blueberries” around here but I often choose any food items with blueberries in them. . . but my favorite pie is “gooseberry” – a berry common to Iowa! Hmmm. . . your post makes me think that I should reread “Blueberries for Sal”!

    You will love this month! It’s so much fun! (And no judgement here ever!)

    • Thanks Fran. I’ve heard of gooseberries but have never had any. I guess I will just need to try them when summer finally comes around! Yes, Blueberries for Sal. It is the book I always give new parents. “Ker-Plink, Ker-Plank, Ker-Plunk!” Enjoy your month. I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other around 🙂

  6. My kinda person. A dinner of blueberry pie and coffee sounds just right. And this, this poem, this slice. Yum. (blue is my favorite too, sky, ocean and now I’m thinking about blueberries.)

    • When you confess such a thing publicly you worry about judgement! Ha! Thanks for your comment and it’s nice to know there is someone else out there who likes blue oceans and sky and is wanting blueberry pie. 🙂

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