A Snowy Mountain Retreat


Three hundred bucks. That is what this New Hampshire window seat with a view to my favorite mountain range is worth. Three hundred bucks. It’s worth every penny and every precarious snowy curve that guided our car here, to this inn that looks like it is from a page in a magazine highlighting a winter wonderland. The timing is perfect as I sit here, in this warm room, on this soft window seat, and stare. I stare at the view. The ice and snow covered view. The mountains. As I look out through a torn window screen, watching icicles slowly drip drip, and out to the bowl the plummets between the mountains that I love so much I think how lucky I am to be here at this moment. Looking at Mts. Lincoln and Lafayette; Franconia Range.  This is exactly the thing to take my rotten mood away, hopefully far away.

Living with someone who is in a no good very bad day mood is no fun at all. So I picked up the phone, made the reservations, and texted Ger to take the day off. He whole heartily agreed. That’s when I knew this was something we both needed.

paper things

So here I sit, reading Jennifer Richard Jacobson’s newest book, Paper Things (which of course I love), sipping on a local brew, and watch the snowy shades of color atop my favorite mountain slowly shift from white to pinkish to muted purple. Night is settling in and there is nowhere I’d rather be.

Enjoying the moment,



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