A New Year and Old Routines

yoga kid

Image from http://flyingstartkids.com/category/videos/

Is it possible that revisiting old routines can breathe fresh air into a new year? While the message in the picture above may be pure hope, one can only wonder…can it? I must admit that right now I’m just going for a peaceful, focused classroom. But that’s a start, isn’t it?

The first few months of the school year were rough. As I mentioned in my very first post, I’m not sure why they were so rough but they were. I attributed it to a variety of things that I felt worked together to just make them that way.

A much needed winter break came and I took full advantage of the permission to just stop for a few days. Having my car at the shop added to that permission. So I really did stop. I hunkered down at home, enjoyed my family time, surfed the web, and started this blog as well as a classroom twitter page. Then it was time to go back to school. I was rejuvenated. I was ready. I missed the kids and was eager to see them.

Monday morning arrived with the beep of the alarm. Feed the dog, let the chickens out, hot shower, and a revisit with yoga. It had been months since I had done my morning yoga stretch. With my yoga done, I continued my typical morning routine and went to school. Kids arrived all excited to share their vacation and our school day began. After morning announcements we took five minutes for “quiet time”. A time that begins and ends with a gentle ding of a chime and includes the background sound of  very quiet beach waves. The children sit with their eyes closed and just stop. The day proceeded much better than expected. The same pattern proceeded the next four days, including engaged kids eager to read and learn. It was a great week; by far the best all year.

After wondering why the week went so well I realized that I had done my yoga. That I had given kids five minutes each day to quiet their minds. I can’t ignore the possibility that one or both of those things worked to settle my kids (and myself) into a more holistic work routine. It does appear that old routines may be just the breathe of fresh air new routines need.



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