Our One Little Word

This seems to be quite the buzz.

OLW hand

Words are powerful. Being new to the twittersphere and wordpress blogingsphere, I decided to jump on the One Little Word band wagon and harness that power as a way to guide us through the hard work ahead of us this new year.  OLW is something new to me and I’m glad I gave it a try with my class of 5th graders. They seem to like it too.

There is a video introducing using OLW with students floating around out there somewhere, so we watched it. It was somewhat successful at guiding us through the process of choosing a word. But we needed more. So I went back to the tried and true method many of us use to introduce something new. I modeled thinking aloud, jotting down 3 words that I may like to choose. Then each of the kids jotted down their 3 words on a sticky note. They turned and talked, they shared, we charted, and then we discussed as a class. The words that made the final list are shown in the class hand above. Concentrate, Confidence, Stamina, Perseverance, Focus. I was rather shocked at this amazing list of words. Talk about powerful! They will each get a small version of the hand, glue it to a small colorful piece of paper and creatively write their own word in the margin. This reminder will hopefully guide them in their work.



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